The Conveyancing department benefits from the seamless combination of a tested and proven file management system and the latest electronic technology to provide fast and efficient service to a broad range of conveyancing clients. At the heart of the department are highly skilled and experienced conveyancing secretaries who perform the core functions of file management and reporting.

The legal end is run by three conveyancers, John Louw, Lester Klue, Fuad de Vries and technical specialist Dudley Lee who, collectively, has more than seventy years conveyancing experience. John and Lester run the department’s local practice and serve on the panels of most of the major South African banks. The pair also has considerable experience in the conveyancing end of property development and has worked on large scale developments in the cities and along the west coast of South Africa, from inception to completion. Fuad and Dudley run the correspondent practice and serve as Cape Town correspondent to law firms throughout the country. In addition to their core function of preparing deeds for lodgement and attending to registration thereof, they also provide technical assistance where required. Correspondents enjoy easy access via telephone or email and are often able to resolve technical issues in a matter of minutes. Two candidate attorneys assist in both the local and correspondent departments and oversee the flow of our deeds through the Deeds Office, ensuring that what happens at 90 Plein Street runs smoothly.

On the administration side the department enjoys the support of dedicated filing personnel and a Deeds Office Assistant. Every day there are at least four representatives of Vanderspuy Cape Town at the Cape Town Deeds Office. Our strong presence ensures that there is always an open channel of communication between ourselves and the Deeds Office and allows us to keep abreast of any changes in the examination process as they occur.

VanderSpuy Cape Town’s conveyancing department is geared towards delivering speed and accuracy to its clients. Our philosophy is “what can be done today gets done today” and by adhering to this philosophy we are confident that we can deliver the level of service that you expect from your attorney.

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